Today i am going to show you 2 simple ways to get Alt Balaji free subscription.These trick is 100% working and also i have mentioned below other methods to watch alt balaji shows for free.

Are you a web series lover? Do you wish to explore the more of Hindi web series and other interesting series in binge watch? To fulfill your cravings ALT Balaji free account is for you to explore and enjoy the significant series with ease.

You must be thankful for the cheap internet and plenty of greater shows available on the market to soothe your pass time. The online platforms are offers an over the top solution for you for a multiple and better result overall. 

India has stepped into the digital game and making sound waves of originals among the masses. The high-level content and ground-breaking digital shows are offering the most masala filled shows to flick and experiment with independent series.

If you have ALT Balaji free premium account, you can enjoy unlimited support with premium series without any hassle.

What is ALT Balaji?

The recent entrant ALT Balaji is an impressive online streaming platform available in-app and website. You can watch an unlimited number of premium movies, videos, and even web series, like the ones you watch on Netflix, Jeeo Guru, Hotstar, Hoichoi, and Amazon Prime. To enjoy this service, you have to register and activate the premium account at ALTBalaji.

There is an option of ALTBalaji free subscription, which costs around RS. 300 per year. This effective article is for your guidance to offer you the best solution to handle this useful and affordable account.

The benefits of subscribing to the ALT Balaji are that it is an OTT network where you can enjoy the ALT Bajaj originals without any sort of hassle.

You just require to login to the premium service account and register yourself. You cannot watch the ALT Balaji originals without registering to the premium site. There are numerous original series that is to be watched on holidays. It is full of interesting unknown movies as well.

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How Much Alt Balaji Plans Cost?

The interesting fact about the ALT Balaji free subscription is that the plans are very limited, and the content is rich. With the negotiating price consisting of the monthly packs, it will be extensively easy for you to download and even log in and watch whatever you wish to see.

  • 3 months plan in just Rs. 100 
  • 12 months plan is Rs. 300 only. 

If you are already a registered member of the ALT Balaji premium trick, then you do not have to pay for any above-mentioned plans. 

How to watch the ALT Balaji premium for free?

It is not necessary that you have to go for the ALT Balaji free subscription or ALT Balaji free premium account. You simply get into the pack in free as well. If you are a Jio / Vodafone /Idea / Airtel user and have a SIM card, then you can follow the process stated below to enjoy unlimited service. 

The process of accessing to the ALT Balaji free account

  • Simply visit the ALT Balaji website or download the app on your mobile
  • Create an account and log in to it.
  • Try to surf, search for the most generic movies and episodes
  • opt for the premium and original content, which is chiefly required for the purchasing of the membership overall.

Free ALT Balaji subscription method

ALT Balaji offers the most beneficial conditions available in the market. You can simply employ it by using the promo codes and get in the extra discounts on the plans and proceedings.

The way to subscribe for the ALT Balaji free premium account is stated below;

  • Simply go for the and download the app on your android phone.
  • When needed click on the subscribe now option and continue to the next page
  • You will observe the monthly and annual charges and plans
  • Try and select the ones you are looking for and continue to click to reach the payment gateway.
  • Fill in the credit or debit card details for paying through the digital platforms.
  • They enjoy the service of ALT Balaji available for you

Paypal 2 month offer and get 100% cash back

By simply logging in to the website of the ALT Balaji  you can enjoy free subscirption offers. Simply install the app and sign up for the new account.

Create a login id for further usage. Click on the subscribe option and select the 2 months subscription plan, which is going to cost you only RS.100.

The interesting thing is once you paid the amount Rs. 100 will be straight away credited to your Paypal account.

You just require grabbing the old Paypal account once. You can use multiple Paypal accounts to enjoy such an interesting feature. If you use Paypal for 1 year then you can enjoy the offer and get up to more than 50% cashback on the same.

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Watch ALT Balaji free using the following Apps

JIO users 

If you are a regular JIO subscriber, hurray! You are able to excess the ALT Balaji free services like web series, movies, and videos. You do not have to install them all as well. You will be able to watch it by following the simple steps;

  • Open the JIO cinema website on your desktop or laptop or android phone,
  • Then log in to the JIO cinemas for enjoying further facilities
  • Once you log in to the site, followed by it Click on the Line menu option I the top left-hand corner namely- Menu> TV
  • Click on TV option and see the popular ALT Balaji web series from there
  • Search for the ALT Balaji web series as well and enjoy the unlimited service

Airtel live TV

Enjoying the unlimited service on Airtel TV is terrific! The web series available here is entirely free. The method for using Airtel provided ALT Balaji free subscription webs series can be accessed in the following ways;

  • Download the AirtelXstrem app in your Android or on the iOS phone.
  • Open the app in using your airtel phone number
  • Try to log in to the app and scroll for the further information
  • Try to explore the popular web series and log in to here to explore all the free popular episodes of the ALT Balaji app
  • You can even search in the search bar AirtelXstream app with ALT Balaji and see the videos followed by.

Vodaphone play

The Vodaphone users get immense benefit by using the service. Especially the postpaid users are enjoying to the best. Following the simple process will enable you to enjoy the services available on the ALT Balaji free subscription accounts, now on Vodaphone as well.

  • Download the Vodaphone play app from the app store or majorly the play store.
  • Simply log in using the registered mobile number and proceed further on the same.
  • You will find the EROS now premium movies and video, web series available. Click one of those these are the ones from the ALT Balaji, which now you can enjoy effortlessly.

Zee5 premium

Watching the premium videos and series on ZEE 5 is fascinating and thrilling. If you are a Zee5 premium user, then accessing to the ALT Balaji free account is much easier for you.

You need to have a Zee5 premium account to access the content inside the ALT Balaji. The option of without going anywhere, at your home space, enjoying the most amazing services, is what everyone looks forward to.

If you wish to have a zee5 account, by simply using your Vodaphone or idea number, you can have a login credentials for a better result.

Follow the process below to enjoy the service. 

  • Firstly, open the zee5 account in your browser
  • Sign up and then log in to create the credentials
  • Go to the zee5 account for premium service, and it can be found by simple navigation
  • Click on the premium> ALT Balaji originals
  • Now enjoy the alt balaji shows free without any subscription.

For Idea Users

If you are an idea cellular customer, you can still watch the ALT Balaji free videos with ease.

  • You need to install the Idea TV on your phone.
  • Log in to the app
  • Search for the ALT Balaji web series
  • Click on it, and enjoy watching.

Get Alt Balaji free subscription using Fleek App (coins)

alt Balaji free subscription with fleek app coins

Alt Balaji is a streaming service from India that offers original, exclusive shows. You can get a subscription to Alt Balaji using the Fleek app.

Fleek is a mobile app that allows you to manage your subscriptions and payments for all your favorite streaming services in one place. With Fleek, you can get a subscription to Alt Balaji and other streaming services like zee5, Amazon Prime Video, and Hotstar.

To get a free alt Balaji subscription using fleek coins, you must have at least 300 fleek coins in your account. You can earn coins easily by referring others and spin and win daily coins and coupon codes. Once you have enough fleek coins, you can redeem your coins for a free subscription.


To conclude, it can be stated that ALT Balaji is a premium web series company that delivers the best series you have ever watched. By simply login to the site, you will definitely have the best experience of your life.

You are most welcome to ask the question and drop down your comments while using this useful and best leisure period app. All the tricks and tactics for using the app in a different medium are stated in detail. There is very useful to try it out today and get the best benefit overall.

I hope this article clarified all your doubts about enjoying the best services on the ALT Balaji app. on further doubt, reach out to us we will get your clarified on the same for a better future trend and so.

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Is this safe?

Unfortunately, in a society where we live in, the fake apps are by large many in number. The ALT Balaji free premium one is absolutely error-free and safe to install. There is no similar apps from the brand names, Premium web Series for free, or ALT Balaji web series. These are fake accounts. Never install such worded accounts on your mobile or pc.

ALT Balaji app is not free. You will simply get a 7 day trial period to enjoy this service. You require to pay for the subscription charges.

How to get free subscription of altbalaji?

For free subcription there are 2 simple ways one is paypal and second one is alt balaji coupon code.

How to watch altbalaji free on jio tv

just open your jio cinema/tv app  and search for alt balaji shows or name of the web series that’s it.

How to watch alt balaji free?

There are many ways you can watch web series and movies for free and above i have explained different methods to watch alt balaji for free.