Everyone loves winning prizes. Some wins in lucky draws, while others win in Amazon Quiz Today. There are multiple prizes which you can win from the Amazon quiz contest held every day.

If you’re using Amazon only for shopping, it’s time you should start playing the contest daily and try your luck in winning many cash prizes.

Most of the people are good at general knowledge and current affairs. They like to get updated with the latest news and information of the world. And this Amazon quiz contest allows them to win many prizes, in terms of cash, or any other premium gadgets and products.

Some of the popular rewards you can win in the quiz include the latest smartphone, refrigerator, Amazon Pay balance, computer, DSLR, and laptop.

Don’t feel discouraged if you won’t win any prize in the beginning. Keep participating in the Amazon Quiz, and you will surely win the contest one day soon.

You just need to make sure; you’re logged in properly in the Amazon shopping app before the Amazon daily quiz starts. If you know someone who wants to earn money by answering general knowledge and current affairs question, you must also share them about the quiz contest. Let’s further discuss the Amazon Quiz in detail below:

What is Amazon Quiz?

Unlike many other quizzes available online, Amazon Quiz is something different and unique. It is the app-only daily quiz contest in which you will get a chance to win many prizes if you answer all the five questions asked during a particular time.

Generally, the quiz starts at 8 am and ends sharply at 12 pm. So, you will have around four hours to participate in the contest and be a part of the lucky draw.

After the quiz ends, the company draws randomly from the slots and chooses only one participant who will win the mentioned prizes. The person declared as the winner won’t be selected in Amazon quiz today.

The Amazon Company carries out daily, weekly, monthly, and even special Amazon Quiz randomly so that more and more people can participate and win the rewards.

amazon quiz fun zone 

  • It is extremely simple to play and participate in the Amazon Quiz contest. You just need to sign in or sign-up on Amazon.in using your account credentials.
  • In the home page, you will see a slider mentioning about the daily quiz contest.
  • Simply click on it, and it will take you to the contest’s instructions and play page. After you click on the ‘start’ button, the questions will start coming on your smartphone’s screen.
  • There will be four different options, and you will have to choose the right Amazon Quiz answer for every five questions.
  • So, if you don’t have an Amazon account, be sure to create one, and download the app from the Google Play Store.
  • Login with your account details and get ready to answer all the questions correctly sharp at 8 am.
  • After the end of the contest period, the company then draws a total of 100 participants as a random lucky draw and winners.
  • All the people who are declared as winners will be getting Rs 5,000 as Amazon Pay Balance. But to win the prize, you will have to claim it and send it over the Amazon shopping app.
  • To win and consider yourself as a lucky draw, you will answer all the questions in the Amazon Daily Quiz And we’re here to give you all the right answers sharp before the contest starts.

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Amazon Quiz Contest Eligibility

Before you participate in the Amazon Quiz, it’s important to know what the eligibility criteria for playing the contest are:

  • To be a part of this contest, you must be an individual legal resident of the Republic of India.
  • In your settings on Amazon.in, you must select India as your current country. This will help Amazon identify that you’re participating from India only.
  • Make sure your billing address is given within the territory of India.
  • To become eligible and find Amazon Quiz answer, you should be at least 18 years of age at the time of playing the contest.
  • You should hold a valid ID and age proof. It can be your Driving License, Voter ID, Passport, or a copy of your PAN card.

Please note that employees of Amazon and their direct family members, including domestic partners, grandparents, spouses, siblings, children, and grandchildren) are NOT eligible to participate in the contest.

Also, the entire Amazon’s affiliates, advertising/contest agencies, or advisors, cannot participate in the Amazon Daily Quiz competition.

Types of Amazon Quiz Contest

Depending upon the day and any special events, there are several types of Amazon Quiz contests carried out. Let’s discuss some of them below:

world earth day quiz answer

World Earth Day Edition

22nd April was the World Earth Day. On this day, Amazon has several special questions related with the earth. The prize for this contest was stood at Rs 10,000.

amazon quiz spin and win


Amazon Quiz Spin and Win

Under this contest, Amazon conducts an interesting spin and wins the game. After logging in with your Amazon account, you will need to look for this type of quiz.

Navigate to the page and click on it. You just need to spin the wheel, and it will randomly stop to a place. If it stops at something of great value, you win that as a prize. Otherwise, you will try your luck in the next Amazon Quiz.

Amazon Daily Quiz

Special Edition Riddle 

If you’re good at solving a riddle, you should try out the Amazon daily quiz riddle edition. Yes, this is mostly useful for people who are good at riddles. They will give you another opportunity to tell all the answers correctly and earn a chance of winning the contest.

Tap and win amazon quiz

Tap and Win 

When you’re expert in tapping at the right time, you can try this kind of quiz offered by Amazon. You just need to get ready when the time starts and tap on the right place to give the correct answer.

veet amazon quiz answer

Veet and Quiz 

If you think you can give correct answers to the Veet hair removal product, then don’t miss out on participating in the Amazon Quiz contest under this theme. But make sure you learn everything about the product before taking on the quiz.

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Aamazon Quiz Daily Details – 27 April 2020

Today’s Quiz Amazon Quiz Answer 27 April 2020
Today’s Price Win Rs.50,000/- as Amazon Pay Balance
Amazon Quiz Time Daily 8AM – 12PM
Winner Announcement Date 31 May 2020
Contest Hosted By Amazon India
No of Winners 1

Amazon Quiz Answer Today 27 April 2020 – Win ₹50,000 Pay Balance

Question 1. Which tech giant recently launched ‘TalkBack’ – a braille keyboard for their visually challenged users?

Answer – Google

Question 2. In the upcoming movie ‘Thalaivi’, Prakash Raj is playing the role of which political rival of the lead character?

Answer – M. Karunanidhi

Question 3. Survey of India has developed which e-platform to collect Geo-tagged information related to COVID-19?

Answer – Sahyog

Question 4. Recently the Indian Tri-color was projected by Switzerland onto which mountain to send a message of hope?

Answer – Matterhorn

Question 5. In April 2020, who was named the Wisden Leading Cricketer of the Year for 2019?

Answer – Ben Stokes


How to find Amazon Quiz answers?

To find the right Amazon Quiz answer, you can visit our website and increase your chance of getting the reward.

How to win Amazon Quiz contest?

If you want to win the quiz offered by Amazon, you will have to answer all the questions correctly. If you will be able to do this, then you need to wait for the declaration of the winners.

How Amazon Quiz winners are selected?

The winners are selected and declared randomly through a computer program by the Amazon. So, you don’t need to worry about any partiality or mismatch of the winners.

When are Amazon Quiz winners announced?

Generally, Amazon Quizzes are held weekly. However, the winner results are out after around one month or so, on the Amazon.in website or the shopping app.

When will the prize be delivered?

If you’re selected as a winner in the Amazon daily quiz, you may require claiming your prize by contacting the company. The prize is generally delivered within a month, depending on the courier service in your local area.

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Are you wondering how can you also win lots of prizes and rewards through the Amazon Quiz contests? Well, there is no rocket science in this. You only need to log to your Amazon shopping app right before starting the contest at 8 in the morning. It will give you enough time to prepare yourself for the contest.

Once the quiz is live, click on the banner and start the quiz. To stand a chance to win many benefits and prizes, you should give answers to all the questions correctly. And to get all the right answers, please do visit our website anytime during the contest period. We will bring you all the correct answers in the Amazon Quiz today