Spotify plus plus Download the latest version on iPhone/iPad: Are you searching on the internet for working Spotify++ app then your search is over because in this post I will guide about Spotify plus how you can easily download and install the updated version of Spotify plus for iPhone/iPad for free.

In fact, many people already downloaded and using this app that running on the Latest iOS13 version devices.

If your an android user, then you can check this post of Spotify premium apk in which I have explained features and steps to get Spotify premium for free without getting any paid subscription and enjoy unlimited music and podcast.

What is spotify++ or Spotify Plus

Spotify++ is a Moded or unofficial app for IOS, which is not available on the apple app store. This Spotify plus version has the same premium features of the official Spotify app as No visual or audio ads, unlimited skipping, and many more.

Spotify++ provides you completely free access to a world of music on your Smartphone and tablet, discover new music, melody every day. Listen to the tune of your favorite singer, albums, popular playlists, and podcasts from anywhere and anytime. Create your custom playlists to suit different moods, do a podcast to discover a hidden talent.

Why should you download Spotify++?

The main benefit of downloading spotify++ is you can install it in any IOS device, and it supports all versions without any jailbreak, so you don’t lose any privacy and protection.

This app has amazing new features that are not available on the official Spotify app that you will surely love it. Well, go ahead and use these features in additional settings. These are not usually part of Spotify, which makes streaming music experience way better than the official app.

Go to app settings then tap 3 dots icon on the top right of the app there you will find additional settings 

  • Album Artwork in Linked Songs
  • Album Artwork in Playlist
  • Artist and Playlists Refreshed UI
  • Create playlist refreshed UI
  • Canvas playlist
  • True shuffle
  • Quick

Make your library Experience even better

  • Now playing additions
  • Sleep timer
  • Now playing Bar Improvements
  • Car view
  • New Now playing Layout
  • Canvas Toggle
  • Centre Align

Improve your Music sesh Experience

  • Now playing Annoyances
  • Disable Genius
  • Disable storylines
  • Disable Canvas’s
  • Disable Share Screenshot banner

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How to download and install spotify++ For iPhone/iPad

Before we began first, uninstall the already existing version of the Spotify app in your device so this app work properly. There are numerous methods available on YouTube to download spotify++ome of them required to jailbreak your IOS device. But I will show a simple way to download and step by step process to install Spotify plus in your iPhone/iPad.

Installing Spotify++

Step 1: After removing the old version of the Spotify app is done, go to settings scroll down to the general settings and enable the background app refresh option on your IOS device it is necessary because the injection process can go smoothly in the background.

Downloading Spotify++

Step 2: Open your safari browser and visit the website and then just enter spotify++ in the search bar it will show the app then go ahead and tap on that and tap on start injection process.

Step 3: Just wait for a few seconds in this process is going to start compiling all of the injection files in your device to get free Spotify premium on IOS.

Spotify Plus files Injected

Step 4: After it is done is going to open the injection page, which contains two apps go ahead tap inject option it open in the app store just download and install on your device and then run it for at least 30seconds.

Spotify++ Features

Step 5: After using those apps for a few seconds, then go back to the injection page to confirm if the injection process was successful as you can see the files are injected and then restart your Smartphone.

Step 6: Once the app is installed, simply go ahead, open the app, and log in to any account as you can notice it’s already premium you can access all features of Spotify++.

Features of Spoitfy++

As I have mentioned above, why should you download spotify++ as you can access all premium features for free and also additional features that are not part of the Spotify app. below, I have highlighted the main features of this Spotify plus.

No Ads

no ads While streaming music online, it is very irritating to have audio and visual advertisements, off course, everyone enjoys ads-free experience while listing to their favorite music, podcast. This app has the same feature as the Spotify app.

Download unlimited songs offline

Download Songs Offline

This one of the best features of this mod apk you can download unlimited favorite songs to local storage and listen offline. This feature is handy when there no internet connection available.

Best high-quality songs

High quality Songs

Everyone wants to listen to their favorite songs on High quality and don’t want to compromise. You can listen to album artwork in Linked Songs with the best audio quality, and the main feature it supports 320kbps bit rate.

Unlimited Skips

Unlimited Skips With a free Spotify account, you will get a limited number of skips in one hour. So the developer has removed this restriction now you can skip unlimited songs and shuffles on Spotify plus app.

More Additional features

  • Now you can Import your music
  • Voice search feature added
  • Verified profile badge
  • Show status bar everywhere
  • Best quality songs
  • Most important No jailbreak required
  • Listen to music when you are on call

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How to download Spotify++ on an iPhone?

Above I already explain easy method to download on any iPhone, and it also supports the latest version iOS 13, 12 just go ahead and enjoy the music.

Is Spotify plus plus safe and working?

There are many mod versions available on the internet do some research because you don’t want any malware or lose your privacy, but this app we reviewed is guaranteed 100% safe.

How to get Spotify premium for free?

You can get a free Spotify trial for a month, or you can ask family or friends and get a monthly Spotify family subscription trial.

How to get spotify++ on android?

You can’t install this app on android it’s only available for iOS devices, But you can use Spotify premium apk for free on android with the same features.


So in this post, I have given a short brief about why should you download Spotify++ on iPhone/iPad, and its premium features are the best. If you face any problem during the installation comment below, I will solve your problem.