There are many call tracking or blocking apps available online, but the most effective of all is the Truecaller Premium APK.

It is a mobile application and software through which you can identify or block unknown or spam calls.

It allows you to record calls and identify the company or person through caller ID before picking up the call.

In Truecaller Premium Mod Apk, you can take benefit of many Gold feature such as Gold caller ID, high priority support, and many more for completely free.

Although some features of the service are free, you need to have a premium, paid subscription to avail all the features. And this is what we are going to talk about here.

You can enjoy all the premium features free of cost by downloading the Truecaller Premium Mod Apk

Lots of people today receive calls from different people and companies that they don’t recognize. These spam or marketing calls can be really frustrating and at the same time, might lead to abusive or even fraud.

So, it has become more crucial than ever to protect yourself from such random, unknown calls. Well, we have a proper solution to fix this.

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What is Truecaller Premium Mod APK?

In the digital era, it has become common to receive spam or unknown calls. While most of them are annoying and related to marketing, some of them could also lead to fraud as mentioned above.

So, it’s better to filter out genuine calls from the ones that could harm your online safety. And that’s exactly what Truecaller Premium does for you.

Truecaller is a software and mobile application that allow users to identify and track caller IDs of unknown, random calls using the internet. The app gives you the option to identify phone numbers that are marked by spam by most of the users.

And Truecaller Premium Mod Apk is the slightly modified version of the original app which you can use free of cost without paying anything extra.

As per your usage requirements, you can avail of different modes of Truecaller. In Basic, you will only get to know the caller ID and avail spam blocking feature with ads. While in Truecaller pro apk or Premium one you will get many more useful options.

Although just like most of the services, you need to pay for the premium version of the app, here, we are going to tell you how you can enjoy all these premium features without paying anything.

The Truecaller Premium APK needs lots of your phone’s permission to make it work smoothly. These include permissions such as location, SMS, storage permission, pair with Bluetooth, contact permission, and a lot more.

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Features of Truecaller Premium MOD APK

As discussed above, you have the option to choose which version of Truecaller you will want to use. Whatever version you’ll choose, it will help you identify the random person’s caller ID and name and possibly mark that call as spam if you found anything fishy.

However, what if you get the Premium or Gold Truecaller app for Android for free? Yes, you can avail of all the premium features without paying anything at all for free. But before that, let’s discuss what those premium features are we’ve been talking about

truecaller premium feature no ad

No ads

Now, with the Truecaller Premium app, the annoying ads will not disturb you anymore. Use the premium version and get rid of ads forever.

truecaller premium features

More Contact Requests

Using the pro version, you will be able to send up to thirty contact requests every month.

incognito mode truecaller premium app feature

Incognito Mode

Nobody will know that you’ve viewed their profile. This feature can be useful for many people who want to remain anonymous online.

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turecaller premium mod apk

Who Viewed My Profile

You will be notified instantly every time someone views your profile on Truecaller. Avail this feature in Truecaller Premium Apk download on your smartphone.

truecaller premium mod apk android

Premium Badger

Now, you can show off and become a genuine caller by earning this badge in the premium version.

How to Download Truecaller Premium APK?

With all those amazing premium features listed above, everyone must try out the Truecaller Premium app on their smartphones for free. So, the next question arises on how to download this app on your smartphone? Well, below are the complete step-by-step procedures you can follow to download the app

Download Truecaller app for Android

  • You can easily download the Truecaller Premium app for your smartphone from the respective app stores.
  • It is available for both Android as well as iOS platforms.
  • The Truecaller Premium apk is available to download for Android 4.1 and above.

How to Install Truecaller Premium Mod APK?

One last step before you enjoy Truecaller pro apk on your smartphone is to install it on your smartphone. So, without any further ado, here are the steps to install the app:

  • First of all, go ahead and uninstall the Truecaller app if it’s already there in your mobile.
  • Now, navigate and open ‘Settings’ of your phone.
  • Go to the ‘Security’ tab to enable the ‘Unknown sources’ to install trucecaller premium gold mod apk
  • Don’t worry; it is necessary to download the Truecaller Premium Mod Apk.
  • Now, click on the Truecaller Premium option to install the app on your mobile.
  • Once finished, open the app and click on the ‘Get started’ to download truecaller premium apk
  • Allow all permissions, and provide all the required information, such as a mobile number.
  • It will send an OTP and will automatically detect it to verify your profile.turecaller premium gold mod apk
  • Now enter your name and email ID.
  • That’s all you need to do.truecaller premium gold member features
  • Now, you can enjoy the entire Premium and even the Gold features of the Truecaller app for free without any extra cost.

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As we are growing rapidly towards the digital revolution, we are also experiencing more cases of online frauds, privacy issues, or also spam calls. So, it has become really important to act and protect ourselves from any such unforeseen events.

Apart from protecting yourself from all such calls, Truecaller Pro apk also gives you the option to block those unknown people.

Once they’re blocked, they will never be able to call you again and hence others will also get to know about that as well. So, just go ahead and download and install the Truecaller Premium Mod Apk to take all the benefits free of cost with no charge at all.